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community for the blind:-)
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This is a community created for those who are blind, visually impaired/challenged, know people who are blind, or interested in blind people:-) Or, if you just want to join "just because" go for it!
Post about anything and everything blindness related and have lots of fun! Please respect one another and try not to intentionally offend anyone.
Technology Policy: Questions and topics that are technology related MUST also be blindness related. Violators will recieve a comment, the post must be edited or deleted within 24 hours, if not it will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be put on moderated status.

Terms for visual acuity and what it means are so relative. Label yourself whatever you like no matter how much you see. Respect each other's right to label themselves. respect reach other's right to be here and learn.

We are all here to learn about blindness, visual mpairment, low vision etc not to nitpick.

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