Who here has an iphone?

I have been using them since they came out and up until IOS7 I have had no trouble reading any content on my phone. Since IOS7 I have really struggled to see many of my day to day apps such as facebook or youtube (the font, not the videos). i have my text size set to as large as it will go but this only enlarges font on apple apps like mail and text messaging not third party apps. I have got partial sight so I don't like using voiceover and i find the "zoom" feature (3 finger tap) to be difficult and annoying to navigate. I have taken to using an android phone because when you select extra large on the phone it makes EVERYTHING on the phone extra large, and i mean everything. Is there no way to do this on the phone?

Has anyone else had issues using the zoom feature? I love using it on my mac but i think i have a problem with using it on the iphone because its such a small screen real estate to work with. And every time i do the three finger tap to activate it i end up hitting links and going places I dont want to go.

I do love my iphone but I feel like I can't use it. Does anyone else feel like this? I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. I hear rumours that they will bring out a larger screen with the iphone 6 but I bet the font will be just as small, just more spread out!

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Greetings! Text Detective is an application for the iPhone that can detect text and read it aloud–whether it’s a nearby sign, a handout, or any other document. The application uses the phone’s camera, and our patented text detection algorithm analyzes the video stream and tells you whether there is text or not. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and VoiceOver parse the text that was found and read it aloud, all within seconds.

It currently only runs in landscape mode—it's more meant for very-quickly scanning an area for text, getting the gist of a document or sign, and less for OCR-ing entire pages. Best results are achieved with an iPhone 4S and higher because of its camera resolution and processing power (really an iPhone 5 sings, and I personally can't wait to see how it runs on the next-gen phones....).

It's available on the app store for $9.99. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about it. :)

An android version is in development.
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Blackberry suggestions?

Hi all,

My employer is about to issue me a Blackberry (yes, it has to be a Blackberry). I have very little useful eyesight, and generally avoid smartphones, because I can’t see enough of the screen to read anything. I’ve been told that magnification apps exist, but I think that using 6x magnification on a four-inch screen is absurd. That said, I’m open to a screen-reader or other voice navigation option. Does anyone have any experience with, or suggestions for, Blackberry options?

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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JAWS question

Good evening , Jaws users!
I am wondering if any of you JAWS users are having trouble with Jaws and Nortan Anti Virus. I can not get jaws to read it for anything. I could uesed to read it with the jaws cursur, but now can't even do that!

Suggestions anyone?
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iPod Touch: Separating Christmas Music

How do I separate Christmas music from the rest of my music on the iPod Touch? I'd like to like have a separate folder/playlist especially for Christmas music but where the music in that Christmas music folder/playlist doesn't appear with the rest of my music as a whole under my main Music folder/playlist/section. I don't want my Christmas music mixed up with the rest of my music other times of year, but I just want a separate Christmas music folder/playlist that I can just play around Christmas time. Or, also, is there any way to make certain songs/albums play only during certain times/dates during the year?
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A friend of mine as me to pass on this survey to totally blind PC users.

His name Kris and his his email is at the end of the survey - here is
his message and survey:
In order to validate (or refute) some of the theories in my doctoral
dissertation I am collecting answers to a short survey about graphical
user interface, and how they are used by people who are totally blind.
I am looking for brief information on how you perceive elements of the
user interface, and what they mean to you. It would really help me a
lot if you could take a few minutes to answer the short survey and send
me the answers in reply email.

As is common for scientific surveys, I do ask a few questions about
demographics. I have tried my best to limit it to non-intrusive questions.

If you have any concerns with any of the questions (about GUIs or the
demographics) please feel free to email me also.

If possible, I hope that it takes little time to complete this little
survey and that you might be able to send me your answers by Aug 3rd?
Also, please feel free to share this with friends who you know are
totally blind. The more the merrier, in a way

Thank you so much for your time. It is very helpful for me, and the
results will be incorporated in my dissertation. I also intend to make an
electronic version of the dissertation available after completing my
doctorate and I'd be happy to send you a copy when that time comes.

Kris Van Hees

A. Gender:

B. Age:

C. Years of experience with computers:

D. Job (or equivalent):

E. Blind since (if since birth, write 'birth'):

F. Braille, Speech Synthesizer, or Both:

1. Briefly explain what a 'window' in a user interface is, from your

2. Briefly explain what a 'button' in a user interface is, from your

3. Briefly explain the 'desktop' of a GUI environment, from your

4. a) Do you find yourself exploring the overall layout and
content of a user interface before you interact with it?

4. b) If so, what kind of things do you look for?

5. a) Do you find yourself creating a mental image of the user
interface as your explore it?

5. b) If so, what does that mental image look like from a high
level perspective (not much detail)? What are the main
components of the mental image?

6. a) Do you ever have a sighted person describe the user interface
for you?

6. b) If so, what kinds of information do you ask for?

6. c) If so, how well do you feel sighted people describe user
interfaces for you?

6. d) What is your most common complaint about people describing
user interface to you?

6. e) What stands out with the best descriptions of user interfaces
that sighted people have given you?

7. Does it help you to know what user interface elements look like
visually, i.e. as a way to make it easier for you to interact
with the user interface?

8. a) Are there any user interface elements in graphical user
interfaces that you have found to be difficult to understand
in terms of how to interact with them?

8. b) If so, please list the top three difficult elements, and
briefly explain why you felt each was difficult?

Thank you for completing the survey - please forward your answers to